LUG aircargo handling
Frankfurt – Mid of the sixties

During the past years, air traffic has continuously gained in importance due to Germany´s expanding foreign trade relations. Jets replace propeller planes, transport capacities multiply within a few years. New airlines approach Frankfurt and the increasing amount of air cargo at Frankfurt/Main airport is hardly managed.

1966: LUG Luftfracht-Umschlag Gesellschaft is founded. As it provides for a professionally administered central warehousing hub and commits to independence the lack of customs warehouses at Frankfurt airport is immediately remedied.

1993: A Quality Assurance System is introduced according to ISO-Provision 9002.

1997: LUG moves as one of the first companies into own office and warehouse facilities in the newly established CargoCity South.

2002: LUG starts operating an additional warehouse with 9.000 sqm floor space and modern handling equipment and thus offering more than 19.000 sqm covered cargo handling space in total.

2003: The adjustment of the corporate group to the new quality provision DIN EN ISO 9001:2000 is successfully completed.

2004: LUG Luftfracht-Umschlag GmbH is re-named in LUG aircargo handling GmbH. The „trademark“ LUG is kept but by using the English word for „aircargo handling“ makes allowance for the ongoing globalisation.

2005: LUG´s office building is expanded by further 2000 sqm. The extension creates a new outlook of the building and offers state-of-the-art office space. Additionally, 8 new gates are built, 2 of them are truck docks. LUG now offers its customers 28 gates in total and more than 8500 sqm office space.