LUG aircargo handling
Our high security standard speaks for itself
Unfortunately and inevitably, there is a potential risk of theft immanent in the transport and storage of goods and other logistical services. Hence it is our opinion that every conscientious business has the duty to implement appropriate measures to prevent this danger.

To guarantee a tight security our warehouse, truck docks and parking lot are monitored 24 hours a day by video cameras which are controlled by trained staff. Our warehouse is only accessible with special ID and code cards or separate permissions. Our security staff forms an important part of the security system by regular checkups and guard walks through the premises.

LUG's security system has been a main appeal to its clients for years and will stay a top priority for the future.

Unsere Sicherheitsexperten sind für sie da:
Axel van Hees T +49 (0) 69 698 19 173