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    Import Handling
All round service for your cargo

Import cargo handling has been one of our key competences since our company has been founded. Based on 45 years of experience the physical handling of cargo has been constantly improved.

However, even if 0,2 % is an extraordinarily low rate of overall damages, we constantly endeavour to improve the quality of our services.

Besides regular interim storage of unit loads, the break bulk of consolidated consignments is a core element of Import handling.

Upon arrival, the contents of airline pallets and containers will be sorted and allocated according to their recipients.

After the cargo has been double-checked regarding quantity and condition the consignments will be stored in our warehouse and then made available for collection.


Export consignments can be delivered to LUG around the clock.

In addition to the physical handling of cargo we offer the following services regarding handling documentation.

The handling and transport of Dangerous Goods requires more than any other cargo extreme diligence and detailed expertise.

LUG offers a variety of customs clearance services.

The Perishable Center at Frankfurt airport is one the most sophisticated handling gateways in the world.