LUG aircargo handling
Frankfurt – Mid of the sixties
LUG Luftfracht-Umschlag Gesellschaft is founded. LUG provides for a professionally administered central warehousing hub and commits to independence.
LUG moves as one of the first companies into own office and warehouse facilities in the newly established CargoCity South.
LUG starts operating an additional warehouse with 9.000 sqm floor space and modern handling equipment and thus offering more than 20000 sqm covered cargo handling space in total.
LUG Luftfracht-Umschlag GmbH is re-named in LUG aircargo handling GmbH. The "trademark" LUG is kept but by using the English word for "aircargo handling" makes allowance for the ongoing globalisation.
LUG´s office building is expanded by further 2000 sqm. The extension creates a new outlook of the building and offers state-of-the-art office space.
The new state-of-the-art freight handling system HERMES is implemented in the warehouse preocess.
Completion of a new sophisticated ULD-Truck-Dock with 4 independent lanes. Each is equipped with scales and laser contour measurement and thus ensures a smooth onward transportation of ready-built units.
In Juli LUG starts operating a new station at Munich Airport through its daughter company LUG München aircargo handling GmbH & Co. KG. The total space is 2.500 m² - equipped with everything necessary for a professional cargo handling service.
Construction work starts for an additional warehouse - and office building

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